Mona Maclean AKA Mona Lisa, Clinically Depressed, Evil, Snubber, Smug, Fascist Ex-Wife and Bipolar Mona Marie Maclean with Chemical Imbalance, Essential Tremor and Hypothyroidism Not For Female Voice Over.

Mona Lisa aka Mona Maclean, clinically depressed, snubber fascist drama queen Mona Marie Maclean with chemical imbalance, hypothyroidism, Essential Tremor, ADHD, and sleep apnea not for female voice over.
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Mona Marie Maclean aka Mona Lisa, bipolar SNUBBER FASCIST EX-WIFE,
also Mona Maclean. Jekyll and Hyde evil and WICKED hostile with chemical imbalance on antidepressants that raise my blood pressure which can ultimately lead to dementia. I don't go out to eat, go on trips, or anything. I live with a ton of emotional BAGGAGE and 2 mangy cats I took in. I have ESSENTIAL TREMOR and hypothyroidism, both of which I take even more meds for. The tremor will get progressively worse, and I will have to deal with it. I don't want to increase the medication because it messes even more with my memory and cognitive ability. Researchers have found that commonly prescribed antidepressant medication can affect people's decision-making when choosing between whether to act selfishly or selflessly. Antidepressants CONTRIBUTE to high blood pressure, compounded by my sleep apnea, I divorced my spouse of 11 years as a result, granted to me at CHRISTMAS 2019 (12-4-19, just missing Pearl Harbor Day) after I SPAT in the face of God and filed for an uncontested DIVORCE June 2019 one year to the day after a year separation, notifying spouse online via email! No phone calls made to spouse at all, then and since, and limited email contact! What do the experts say about the "silent treatment"? IT'S A FORM OF SMUG ABUSE. Joined by God as "one flesh" set aside, NOW relishing my "oneness", "independence", and SOLO journey aka Mona Marie Walker through the rest of life without a care in the world, PARTNERLESS when many people my age (60's) want a companion. Pandemic? What pandemic? DUH. I told my ex-spouse that no other WOMAN would've put up with him as long as I did NEVER stepping back to take a good long look at MYSELF FIRST in the MIRROR, much less ever THINKING before speaking FIRST (like always)! I unashamedly "ex-spouse" CHRISTIANITY, yet ERASED spouse from my life like "Etch A Sketch" becoming my "INSIGNIFICANT OTHER", after getting him into a God AWFUL FIX by conditioning, deceiving, behaving irrationally, being overly dramatic, VERBALLY ABUSING and excessively DRINKING, betraying, deserting, abandoning, and literally stranding him one year to the day before filing, resulting in him having to move at least 7 times in 3-years! My EX moved in with his brother at ground zero in Englewood Florida, and 2-months later was displaced and made homeless by Hurricane Ian September 2022 when brother's rental was destroyed. Brother then deserts him, and my EX drove further north to Jacksonville where he's forced to live in his car without air conditioning with his pet cockatiel where he's being harassed by blacks! Perhaps not the wisest choice for relocation, being more of a random decision, as the city has the reputation of being one large ghetto! He just suffered a debilitating setback when he collapsed in a parking lot from heat stroke and landed face first onto the asphalt, requiring emergency room treatment including stitches to his face, dressing scrapes, cuts and bruises, IV's, and a battery of tests such as EKG and head scan. He is also blind in his left eye from a concussion. In spite of this recent ordeal that nearly cost my EX his life, he still hopes to offer companionship to other elderly people who need it. I'm going to need it too due to my pending Essential Tremor, but I continue to snub my EX instead with my deaf/mute "silent treatment" routine remaining out of any contact whatsoever with my EX, not lifting a finger to help him, while I still owe money to him, and I have room in my RESIDENCE to take him in! I even told him while still married that money was never an issue, yet I didn't divorce my cheating, older first husband because I wanted his pension knowing full well he would die of cancer! THEN insulted my EX while still married for earning "chicken feed"! MONEY NEVER AN ISSUE??? This is nothing new for me, the CUCKOO out of the clock, clinically depressed on meds compounded by ADHD and sleep apnea, following multiple SUICIDE attempts, was condescending to him while he endured my continual mood swings plus OVEREATING and couch potato binge watching habits. I would even often warn my spouse in advance of the potential SIDE-EFFECTS of all of the different psychological medications I was taking. I actually accused EX of gaslighting me, when the reality was my irrational behavior was all unprovoked and of MY OWN DOING, and spoke volumes to any eyewitness bystander. Speaking with social security in their efforts to make lemonade from lemons, they told him that "at least she's not in your face anymore" (and with ice water for blood I would rather LIVE OUT A LIE IN DENIAL.) Now ex-spouse's vision is impaired and is experiencing severe numbness in his extremities from latent MS triggered by all of the stress that I brought on him. Quoting from a medical journal; "dealing with a chronic illness like MS involves a wide range of emotions, from sadness to fear to anger to loneliness and so many more. And this is without the added stress of friends, family, a partner or former spouse who may think you are exaggerating or using an MS diagnosis as an excuse to do less." So do I feel for my ex-spouse? (STILL NOT). My clueless cyber family on FACEBOOK thinks I'm a SWEETHEART (what on earth would I do without my Smart Phone?), when truth be told I can't be trusted! Speaking of FACEBOOK, can I be anymore VAIN by posting so MANY photos of myself that make me look like a vile, decrepit old adulterer and PROSTITUTE, even like some kind of CREATURE out of the X-Files, or perhaps even the MUMMY with all of its wrinkles! (no makeup necessary in my case) Meanwhile email shoot out ensues between MYSELF and my spouse, sizing up each other psychologically. I complain to my hot headed SON, provoking him to threaten my then spouse with physical violence in Florida (the same son that hated and disrespected me for much of his life, who put me in BANKRUPTCY by going through all of my money, including maxing out my credit cards and secretly stealing my well hidden DEBIT CARD, destroying my credit score which forced my spouse to file as well as pay for a humiliating, degrading, and costly CHAPTER 7, even told me to walk in front of a car among other things!) The bankruptcy then led to FORECLOSURE and the short sale of my Florida home! What on earth was I thinking? Thanks to my rotten son stealing and running up my credit cards for starters, I'm in FORECLOSURE. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, I got what I deserved! My EX use to live within a few miles from my HOME in a small old drafty dump of a house on a congested road, and either one of us could've died the next day without the other even knowing about it! "I don't want to worry about anyone but MYSELF, and don't want to have to cook, clean, and take care of you" is what I most recently emailed to my EX. And little did my ex-spouse know that I BOUGHT my home, in addition to a new car! "There's no I in team" isn't even in my vocabulary. Figuratively speaking, my UNDERHANDEDNESS is comparable to putting a gun to my ex-spouse's head and slowly squeezing the trigger! It's my HOUSE, and I'll continue to SNUB my ex for as long as he's suffering! Let this site serve as a permanent wake up call to random or orchestrated, irrational and destructive, shameful behavior like mine. That it's entirely avoidable by recognizing my condition and owning up to it. Bottom line, I'm EVIL damaged goods as they come! I should not be allowing it to compromise my marriage, a sacred institution. I should also be avoiding anger which only begets more ANGER. In reality, was I taking out my problems on my spouse? How much did my excessive PRIDE play a role? Pride caused me to assess my life by the standard of my accomplishments rather than my God given identity. Pride severed me from God's design to live in relationship with others. I was pushed into isolation by my self-confidence believing the lie that life is better alone. Pride altered communication and connection. It made it difficult for anyone to get close to me. My ability to be vulnerable, which is the primary way we show trust to each other, was compromised. Pride and vulnerability can't coexist. Pride is demeaning other people or feeling an aversion to others. Instead of nurturing self-growth, I competed and wanted to defeat others. Stubborn pride prevented the growth of other virtues. It became too uncomfortable to recognize my shortcomings or mistakes. Pride is often driven by poor self-worth and shame. I felt so badly about myself that I compensated by feeling superior. I looked for my spouse's flaws as a way to conceal my own. I relished criticizing my spouse as a defense against recognizing my own shortcomings. I didn't give my spouse permission to point out pride in my life. Pride deceived my mind. I didn't focus more on GOD than I did on myself. When pride was pointed out, my first reaction was not introspection. As if my pride wasn't damaging enough, now quoting from several articles, "Many (like my EX) have found out the hard way that even after marriage their spouse (like ME) may fall short of their expectations. This is especially true if they (like my EX) married a person (like ME) not intended for them or an immature spouse (like ME). If your spouse (like ME) does not try, know how to, or care about fulfilling emotional and physical needs for attention and companionship, you (like my EX) may STILL suffer from loneliness. Even worse, hurt, distrust, and low self-esteem, etc, may result from a broken relationship. Add these with loneliness and you have an emotional wreck (like my EX). On average, a third of divorced couples regret their decision to end their marriage (in which case, should I regret being ME?). People get back together with their ex-spouse all the time (little did I care to know?). If they had been together for many years, they may find they had been through too much to leave it all behind after divorce (need to get on same page as my EX!). Men (like my EX) experience Spousal Divorce Syndrome more often than women. SDS is caused by the stress and anxiety that is caused by going through a divorce, especially when one partner (like my EX) was unsure that the other partner (like ME) wanted to definitely dissolve the marriage (MY BAD!). Should you (like my EX) talk to your ex (like ME) after divorce? (EX has SINCERELY attempted to many times!). The rule of thumb is to wait 30 days before you (like my EX) speak to your ex (like ME) once again. If you were together for a very long time (15 YEARS) and you break up, you (like my EX) may need to extend this to six weeks (what's two more weeks to ME anyway?). At the most, 2-2.5 months is how long the no-contact phase should go (HELLO, am I listening?). Can you stay friends after divorce? ( I DON'T KNOW HOW TO!) Remaining friendly is well within the realm of possibility for many. (what's a REALM? DUH). And committing to a baseline of amiability allows for the chance of reestablishing a friendship at a later time (NOW'S THE TIME IF I CAN SNAP OUT OF IT!). Who regrets divorce more? (obviously not ME). There are many beliefs, myths and misconceptions which surround divorce, one of which is who regrets divorce more, men (like my EX) or women (like ME? That's a laugh!). In a study conducted, 73 percent of women (like ME I guess!) reported having no regret over their divorce, compared to 61 percent of men (like my EX), and nearly 70 percent of divorces are initiated by women (LIKE ME, GUILTY AS CHARGED!). What is a toxic wife? (GAZE UPON WHAT WAS ME) In a toxic marriage, you're (like my EX) seldom allowed to communicate your feelings, needs, and perspectives. And, in the rare instance that you're (like my EX) given a mic, their voice (like MINE) seeks to overpower yours. Your spouse (like ME) may belittle, dismiss or scoff at any fair attempt to express yourself." (MEANING MY EX) I've been told that I only lose when I give up, and my inclination has always been to GIVE UP! So much for my faith in GOD. When my mother died, I emailed to my EX: "I'm driving to Texas before long because my MOTHER died and I'm meeting with my brothers. And I'll be returning with, among other things, one of my Dad's guns, just so you know. (Bet EX is SO scared now, should I still load my gun with silver bullets?) It's not a threat, just information. I don't want to be anywhere near you." NOT A THREAT??? Therefore, not offering female voice over at affordable female voice over rates! SO FLEE FROM ME WHEN THE MOON IS FULL instead of female voice over...BUT THEN I COULD JUST HOP ON MY BROOMSTICK AND COME AFTER YOU...

"Am I Scary or What?"
Diabolical fascist ex-wife Mona Maclean. Despicable snubber wife Mona Marie Maclean of 11 years.DESPICABLE ME Evil snubaholic ex-wife Mona Maclean. Clinically depressed, fascist snubber drama queen Mona Marie Maclean on meds for chemical imbalance, hypothyroidism, Essential Tremor, ADHD, and sleep apnea.
While betraying, deserting, and DIVORCING my ailing EX who's still alive, I mourn my (MUCH OLDER FATHER FIGURE) unfaithful, late husband (below left) who HAS BEEN GONE OVER 20 YEARS...and I don't need a man in my life? HELLO??? I told my EX that money was never an issue, yet I didn't divorce my cheating first husband because I wanted his pension knowing full well he had cancer! THEN insulted my EX for earning "chicken feed"! MONEY NEVER AN ISSUE???
Betrayer Mona Marie Maclean. Now MINUS my "insignificant other"> Mona Marie Maclean snubbing.
Mona Marie Maclean, bipolar smug snubber ex-wife with dementia.and> Irrational Mona Marie Maclean, clinically depressed fascist ex-wife on meds.'s with my gun and gut toting brothers!

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