Female Voice Actor Mona Lisa, Clinically Depressed Drama Queen with ADHD not for Professional Female Voice Over.

Female voice actor Mona Lisa, DRAMA QUEEN. Now separated from my spouse of 10 years, after getting him into an awful fix by betraying, deserting, and literally stranding him. This is nothing new for me, the cuckoo out of the clock, clinically depressed with ADHD on meds, and condescending to him while he endured my continual mood swings. Even social security in their attempt to make lemonade from lemons, told him "at least she's not in your face anymore" (and with ice water for blood I would rather LIVE OUT A LIE). Now his vision is impaired and is experiencing severe numbness in his extremities from MS brought on by all of the stress that I caused him. I feel for my spouse! (NOT). All of my clueless cyber friends think I'm a sweetheart when truth be told I can't be trusted. Let this site serve as a permanent wake up call to random or orchestrated, irrational and destructive, shameful behavior like mine. That it's entirely avoidable by recognizing the disorder and owning up to it. Otherwise, not offering professional female voice over at affordable female voice over rates! SO FLEE FROM ME WHEN THE MOON IS FULL instead of female voice over...BUT THEN I COULD JUST HOP ON MY BROOMSTICK AND COME AFTER YOU...

Clinically depressed drama queen with ADHD. Female voice actor Mona Lisa, not for professional female voice over.
"Am I Scary or What?"

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Female Voice Actor (Not), Clinical Depression, ADHD, Drama Queen, Moody, Irrational, Betrayer, Quitter, Liar, Selfish, Deserter, Noncommittal, Hypocrite, Bullying, Insecure, Childish, Unpredictable, Overreactive, Impatient, Disrespectful, Argumentative, Inconsiderate, Impulsive, Reckless, Unreasonable, Uncivil, Binge Watcher, Overweight, Untrustworthy, Disloyal, Disdain, Condescending, Clutterbug, Disorganized, Sarcastic, Grudgeful, Uncooperative, Unforgiving, Relentless, Backstabber, Suicidal, Chaotic, Unloving, Swears, and SNORES from Sleep Apnea

Female voice actor Mona Lisa, clinically depressed drama queen with ADHD not for professional female voice over.
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