Capsulized Marital History Behind Drama Queen, Clinically Depressed Mona Lisa on Meds with ADHD.

Capsulized marital history behind drama queen, clinically depressed Mona Lisa on meds with ADHD.

Meets future spouse at work, where Mona is perceived by co-workers as being excessive, demanding, and a loud mouth Texas woman burdened by personal problems. Her son calls her at work repeatedly asking for money.
She seduces spouse 2nd time he's invited over for dinner.
Future spouse moves in over a year later.
First of several suicide attempts on account of son's extensive delinquent behavior. Future spouse moves out, but she asks him to return.
Accompanies future spouse to his mother's passing New Year's Eve 2007, but in a hurry to return home to feed pets because her son is unreliable.
Future spouse has her make certain by contacting depositor that her pension would not be affected in any way by their pending marriage. It's not, but as a precaution future spouse suggests she keep her current name taken from late husband, so her accounts remain as is. After all, what's in a name? Her mother thought otherwise.
She eventually remarries February 1st, 2008. Future spouse is now legally her husband.
Spouse encourages her to sell home for large profit, but she declines, not wanting to take her son from friends and school.
Upside down relationship with manipulative and controlling son who goes through all of her savings, takes and runs up her credit cards, putting her and spouse into bankruptcy which spouse pays for after she buys son several motorcycles, motorcycle and skateboard gear, laptops, exotic pets, the list is endless. Spouse is beside himself because she listens to her son instead of him.
Often vanishes in car locally when confronted by her son's disrespectful and defiant behavior. He skips school frequently.
Leaves unannounced in the middle of the night on a trip to parents in Texas when her son tells her to "walk in front of a car", a trip originally planned to make with spouse.
While in Texas, sheriff deputy sent to home in Florida by elder brother to check on her son and spouse, concerned about son, but son assaults spouse with a friend over money.
Returns home and meets up with her son first instead of spouse, hence blood is thicker than water. Every spouse's nightmare.
Her son has girlfriend move in. So, who's in charge exactly?
Spouse offers his vehicle to her son, so son can include it in trade for used vehicle son wants, but son winds up with a junker.
More suicide attempts, and spouse only one at bedside in hospital after each event. Her son calls once, but asking to purchase a gun.
She pursues electroconvulsive therapy for a few sessions. Seems to help some for a while.
Her son finally moves out. This eventually comes after the next door cop warned he either would, or she'd die.
She keeps a record of everything spouse is accused of, repeating them relentlessly, and often turns them into put downs.
Following marriage to an older man, 15 years her senior who treated her like a child, she seems predisposed to "not want a man in her life". A dollar short and a day late in all fairness to spouse.
She states money is never the issue, yet criticizes spouse for not being a good provider. She also feels unprotected by spouse, claiming he's weak, yet spouse is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Go figure.
She gets equity loan, pays off car and pays down credit card debt from son's spending habits. He still asks her for money. Loan is refinanced, and eventually turns upside down.
She and spouse see counselors, one Christian counselor in particular who turns out to be a quack and subsequently apologizes to spouse.
Father passes away, and spouse accused of being insensitive when asked to cover return airfare after not being invited. As a result, spouse never meets either parent.
Brother-in-law moves in, more chaos ensues.
Spouse meets her wealthy younger brother, retired from Navy and runs nuclear waste disposal plants, and he's a total jar head to her in front of spouse. Thinks spouse is depressed, but didn't know spouse before spouse got married.
Her home that has become money pit is sold by short sale.
She hates Florida, so move to North Carolina ion 2014 where she can have change in seasons. Spouse pays for entire move, and drives 26' loaded U-Haul arriving late at night in thick fog, while she takes her time the next day in car.
North Carolina springs feature tornadoes, while winters have endless rain with little snow. Not exactly a match made in heaven.
She and spouse visit Florida over first weekend in December 2015, staying in RV of spouse's close friend. She complains to spouse and spends most of the time visiting her son and granddaughter. Spouse made plans with her to spend Sunday evening with host before heading home to NC, but she is uncooperative and unsociable.
She gains weight from overeating due to depression, not caring about appearance, eating ice cream more often than yogurt.
She warns spouse of side-effects from psychiatric medications, including dramatic mood swings.
Instead of thinking of ways to make spouse happy, she wonders what will make him angry.
She never finishes teaching spouse how to play piano because she takes no interest in spouse.
Psychiatric medications dramatically reduce intimate contact with spouse, other than cunnilinctus.
She and spouse sleep in different rooms because she does nothing about her sleep apnea, and she snores loudly.
Senseless bickering with spouse continues on a routine basis, she being condescending and impatient mostly putting spouse on the defensive, and spouse can't reason with her. What she interprets as spouse's anger, is in reality spouse being unhappy in NC. There's no sense of teamwork on her part, and she complains the marriage is bad 80% of the time.
Spouse advises quick to listen, slow to speak. She says don't interrupt me.
"House sits" for wealthy younger brother in Las Vegas for over a month (October into November) while spouse has no say in the matter.
She invites redneck single male friend next door over from time to time, and backstabs spouse while sipping the neighbor's beer.
After 4-years in NC, winter is too much for spouse, so she agrees to move back to Florida to be closer to granddaughter (and to "make husband happy").
She makes trip with spouse to Florida east coast to find a rental, where she has another "episode" leading to an altercation with spouse about her snoring in hotel room and spouse can't sleep. She even attempts to run over spouse with car when argument proceeds to the parking lot where spouse prevents her from taking off in her crazed state. Hotel guest calls cops due to the melee.
Son and entourage escape hurricane "Irma" by driving to NC, and she insists that spouse gives him money from savings for upcoming move, and is not repaid.
She secretly inquires whether spouse can legally request financial support from her pension in the state of Florida, then later claims she didn't plan or orchestrate what is yet to come.
10 year anniversary milestone is spent in front of the tube watching reruns of "My Three Sons" and "Monk". Spouse can't get a word in edgewise.
She leads spouse to believe she is still moving to Florida with spouse.
Spouse makes trip alone to Florida west coast to find rental while she remains behind to continue packing.
Spouse finds home rental within price range of marital combined income in local paper, which is even in the same neighborhood as granddaughter, secures it, then returns to NC.
On the way back to NC, spouse is pulled over on I-95 in SC. No ticket after several hours of harassment, but highway cops leave hood unlatched following a search of the vehicle. Spouse could've been killed possibly along with countless others had the hood lifted all the way up while driving to the next exit to latch it, but she instead dwells on spouse's frustrated verbal reaction over the phone, accusing spouse of being an angry person.
She announces to spouse upon his return that she wants a separation, so spouse is stuck paying for a rental he can't afford on his own, and spouse faces being stranded without a car. Being closer to granddaughter no longer matters to her due to her uncooperative son.
She goes berserk, threatening restraining order and suicide if spouse doesn't move out immediately.
Spouse has little choice but to move into rental that's paid for, until rent comes due again and spouse has to find something else spouse can afford on his own.
She refuses to give the only car between them to spouse, after spouse planned to secure a job in Florida, while she has no job in NC. She led spouse to believe she'd buy a newer 2nd vehicle in Florida had she stuck to the original plan of moving down with spouse. Besides, her redneck single male friend next door in NC would've been more than glad to drive her to the store from time to time.
She purchases cheap manual can opener, a couple of forks, spoons, and knives to give to spouse as his "going away" present.
Spouse moves into rental which is still in serious disrepair, with evidence of mold everywhere, is bug infested, and may even be condemnable. So now spouse has to deal with a slumlord as well.
Her son hates spouse, and lives in same neighborhood.
Spouse justifiably suspected she'd ride out the hurricanes with her redneck single male friend next door. No one else would put up with her moods, the poor excuse for a concerned wife and decent human being.
Nearly 64 year old despondent spouse, who's now chain-smoking, is told by her via email to leave her alone after she immediately announces on social media that she's separated, and starting "a new journey".
All of her cyber friends and brothers support her decision, ignorant of her deceit leading up to separation from spouse. Apparently everyone but them knows there are two sides to every story.
The consensus among assistance organizations contacted by spouse, is that spouse was set up for a fall based on the chain of events. "You're better off without her, after making your life difficult for so long". But at 64, marriage is the only life spouse has come to know and is isolated and stranded, while she is even suspected by onlookers other than her friends of cheating on spouse due to her lack of communication, with no plan in place for rebuilding their marriage.
Spouse completely cut off, in spite of spouse's efforts to reason with her. Having endured NC for nearly 4 years, now back in Florida, spouse is alone without transportation.
Spouse resigns to the unlikelihood she will ever change while still on psychiatric meds, awaiting her to file for divorce. Meanwhile, spouse faces still more difficulty due to fallout from the betrayal and desertion, including the slumlord and another forced move to anything spouse can afford on his own in a tough rental market.
Spouse has been legally blind in one eye since 1994, when informed spouse would be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis should spouse experience additional sight loss later in life. Spouse is now losing his remaining eyesight thanks largely to the extreme stress she has brought upon spouse. In addition, spouse is experiencing extreme numbness in his extremities, another telltale sign of the disease.
Spouse mails 30-day vacate notice to slumlord, and now faces arduous task of finding another rental spouse can afford on his own without transportation. Buying a car is not an option since spouse would not pass driver license eye exam.
Spouse will find it difficult at best to ever trust her again while she's still on meds after she betrays spouse in thoroughly underhanded, unconscionable and deceitful fashion. Spouse has paid the ultimate price costing spouse years in terms of his health longevity.
Spouse inclined to approach life as if she never existed, thanks to her inconsiderate and thoughtless actions.
In the meantime, she kept the only vehicle between them which spouse would've used to find work, PLUS the analog wide-screen TV for binge watching, and lives in a house, retaining all of the creature comforts, while spouse has been through holy hell due to her verbal abuse, lack of honesty, and commitment.
Her main gripes? She "doesn't want to have to cook, clean, and take care of spouse," while SHE was the slob and ate "3-meals a day".
Spouse suspects foul play in the case of her older first husband based on these gripes, because she had to take care of him when he was dying of cancer, after he was accused of having affairs, that she somehow expedited his demise.
The kicker being she "doesn't want a man in her life", punctuated by the countless diatribes she unloaded on spouse. No one is good enough for her.
What she completely overlooks is that pussy isn't going to eat itself, and she craved stimulation. She would often drink wine first, after taking her meds.
Spouse anticipates she will eventually move to her brother's farm in Texas. Unbeknownst to spouse, she has visited there, and continues to keep her plans a secret from spouse, including how long she will drag out the separation from spouse.
A former friend and fellow actor who refers to her as a "drama queen", shares with spouse his experiences with her, providing spouse with some solace reaffirming spouse is better off without her emotional baggage.
She could learn something from watching Andy Stanley's "Your Move", "Me and My Big Mouth" series.
To look at her, one can't help but get a sense of some deep rooted evil.

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