Female Voice Over Samples by Professional Female Voice Actor Mona Lisa.

Contact female voice actor Mona Lisa for professional female commercial voice over, female narrative, female voice imaging, and female trailer voice over.

Female voice over samples by professional female voice actor.

Female voice over samples by female voice actor Mona Lisa offering professional female voice over. LISTEN TO OUR FEMALE VOICE OVER SAMPLES ABOVE, and contact us today in order to assist you with your next female voice over project at our affordable rates. The female voice actor absolutely must have demos to provide samples of her voice (as we have done), her training, experience, versatility, and innate vocal quality that is unique to her. A series of short demos, not to exceed 1-2 minutes in duration, should feature: female commercial voice over and could include automotive, travel, real estate, shopping, restaurants, and political advertisements for example, and female narrative for documentaries, audio books, instructional videos, video tour guides, and e-Learning.

Other possible categories include: female voice imaging, promos, female trailer voice over for book trailers, plus on-hold messages, video game voices and cartoon voices. The female voice over talent should choose projects and female voice over scripts that fit her individual voice and abilities. The demos need to display her versatility in doing different voices: hard-sell; soft-sell; serious; sexy; silly; motherly; and various characters. They show her acting ability, intelligence, and discernment in interpreting the script, in addition to the target audience and market. Female voice over samples showcase her very unique voice style. We display them online with pride.

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