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Contact female voice actor Mona Lisa for professional female commercial voice over, female narrative, female voice imaging, and female trailer voice over.

State-Of-The-Art Home Voiceover Studio by Professional Online Female Voice and Female Voice Actor.
Home voiceover studio by professional online female voice and female voice actor Mona Lisa. Vintech X73i Microphone Preamp Processor, Sennheiser MKH-416-(P48) Short Shotgun Mic, FMR Audio PBC-6A Compressor, M-Audio, Adobe Cloud editing software, Rokit G3 Studio Monitors, fast internet speed, plus SFX library and royalty-free music backgrounds. Listen to our female voice over samples above.

Delivery Choices :
Email, FTP/direct link, upload to your server, CD overnight, mp3, wav, wma, aif, etc, audio formats. QUICK ONLINE female voice over turnaround! Within 24 hours of payment, possibly longer for female narrative projects. Contact us today for our affordable female voice over rates.

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Contact female voice actor Mona Lisa for female voice over by professional female voice over talent.
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