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Female voice over by professional female voice actor.

Female voice over offered by professional female voice actor Mona Lisa. Listen to our female voice over samples above, and CONTACT US NOW for our affordable female voice over rates. Female voice over can be defined as scripted audio performed by female voice over talent. The voice over industry is vast, covering scores of genres and venues, and females have achieved great status in the modern media market. Female voices have become more sought after in such areas as TV commercials, video games, audio books, radio imaging, and telephone on-hold messages. Female voice over holds sway in daytime TV commercials because statistics show that women are still the predominant television audience in late morning and afternoon hours. They are also the main shoppers in our society. Therefore female voice over is utilized to appeal to the homemaker/mother consumer and connect with her.

Hard-sell advertisements still tend to belong mainly to over-the-top male voices, but we are hearing more "hard-sell" female commercial voice over being introduced. Many commercial tags are done by female voice actors, along with female voice imaging, though most radio and TV station IDs are still voiced by men. On-hold messages is a huge field for the female voice talent. A woman's voice, for the most part, can be the most calming, inviting, friendly and clear. A higher pitched sound draws the human ear (along with the ears of dogs and some other animals for that matter) more readily than a low pitch, and the higher voice makes the spoken words more distinct and recognizable, thus attracting attention to the message. This is good for projects that want to pass along information (on-hold, e-learning, training courses, etc.) and details clearly. Lower timbered voices (even female) can be very pleasant, soothing and attractive in many ways, conveying emotion, sensuality, and so forth.

More and more female narrative is being utilized on popular cable TV programs such as on HGTV, and documentaries on Discovery and Animal Planet. Movie trailer voice over is still the domain of male voices, but with trailers becoming more and more popular other than for major motion pictures (book trailers for instance), the female voice over artist is finding a niche online and in the home voiceover studio. All-in-all, female voice over is a product on a rapid rise in today's massive media market, and we would be more than happy to offer our qualified services for your next female voice over script!

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