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Female narrator Mona Lisa for professional female narrative. LISTEN TO OUR FEMALE NARRATIVE VOICE DEMOS ABOVE, and send your female narrative script to us today for an affordable female voice over rate. Today, female narrators have risen high up the ladder. Narrators were predominately male for much of the 20th century, and male voices used to be the norm for radio, movie newsreels, and TV. But the industries and audiences have discovered and are still discovering the vast and varied benefits of female narrators. Female narration involves many different genres: audio books; virtual tours; audio tours for parks and museums; tourism videos; e-Learning audios and videos; video games; training videos; for public use, such as over the internet, or for private use. Well known actresses such as Sigourney Weaver and Oprah Winfrey have given voice to documentaries on TV channels like Discovery, The Science Channel and others, but the bulk of female narrative on TV is done by female voices whose names are not household words. Some of these voices we recognize each time we hear them, while the average viewer doesn't readily know their names. Nicole Blackman and Suzanne Whang as examples.

The female voice over talent must give due focus to her skills as a narrator, incorporating all her skills, training, techniques, and, of course, her natural gifts of her unique voice. She needs to hone her acting skills. Acting ability and instinct is very important in any type of narration. The female narrator needs to engage the listener with expressiveness, sincerity, and color. She needs to be able to interpret the type of read style that is suitable to the specific script and genre. A nature documentary will obviously be different from a business training video or a real estate video tour. Audio book narration is another challenge requiring a special talent with a very flexible voice and wide vocal register who can portray multiple characters and various accents when called for. Therefore, know your voice. Know the female voice over market. Listen to others and learn. Train and practice.

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