Female Commercial Voice Over by Professional Female Commercial Voice Mona Lisa.

Female commercial voice over by professional female commercial voice Mona Lisa.
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Female commercial voice over by professional female commercial voice.

Female commercial voice over by professional female commercial voice Mona Lisa. LISTEN TO OUR FEMALE COMMERCIAL VOICE OVER DEMO ABOVE, and contact us for an affordable female commercial voice over rate. Our many years of experience and training in acting, singing, and instruction to actors and singers, plus versatility and wide vocal range, is well suited to your female commercial voice over needs. Female commercial voice over for TV, radio, and online exposure for the consumer audience are in increasing demand today. The female commercial voice needs to cultivate a particular expertise specifically fitted to these ads. Commercials vary in their intent, such as: target audience, tempo, style, suitability to a specific radio or TV station and its format, and whether it is to be broadcast locally or nationally.

An extremely flexible female voice actor has the greater advantage. The professional female commercial voice delivers basically the same read styles as male commercial voice overs, including hard-sell and soft-sell. Hard-sell is usually rapid, fairly loud, urgent or fun, and frequently "over-the-top". This style used to belong almost exclusively to male voice over talent. Today, women are moving rapidly into the hard-sell market. Soft-sell, in contrast, is less loud, more easy-going, welcoming, inviting, and, certainly, more subtle. Female commercial voice over can involve humor, a sexy allure, and even a funny or cartoon-like voice.

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